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Darman Ara Holding

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Darman Ara Economic Development Group will aggregate and seamlessly link leading private pharmaceutical companies: The Names of Seven Companies: Darman Ara Co., Bio Darou, Daya Arian Darou, Plasma Darman Pharmed, Medvak, Hamrah Zendegi Salamat, Aram Darou

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality medicines to promote health and access to innovative medical solutions.

Our Vision

Investing in localization and leading expertise in digital health with a focus on developing fully plasma-derived medicines locally that meet international quality standards.

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Message of CEO




With the excellence of high potential companies and a brilliant history in the pharmaceutical and plasma industries, accompanied by world-class talent across the Group, Darman Ara Holding is focused on fostering local entrepreneurship and digital health science while ensuring the best solutions for life-saving medical treatments. Every day in the Group, we put patients first and delight in every smile that comes to the face of our loved ones during their healthcare journey.