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Pentaglobin® (10, 50, 100 ml)

Intensive Care Medicine

What is Pentaglobin?

Pentaglobin is the first and only IgM preparation (IgM-enriched polyvalent immunoglobulin preparation) for intravenous use.

Percentages of the immunoglobulin classes in Pentaglobin

IgM = 12% IgA = 12% IgG

When should Pentaglobin be administered?

Pentaglobin is administered in severe bacterial infections in addition to antibiotic therapy. Early administration of Pentaglobin yields a significantly better result in patients with severe bacterial infections.

Why is Pentaglobin more effective in the treatment of severe infections than standard immunoglobulin preparations, which contain almost exclusively IgG antibodies?

Pentaglobin contains up to 16 times higher titers against clinically relevant pathogens than a standard immunoglobulin preparation (see figure below). These high antibacterial titers are attributable to the presence of IgM in Pentaglobin.

Store it at 2 to 8°C and don’t freeze it.